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Fine production and custom handmade knives are our specialty at Only Fine Knives. Our emphasis on William Henry, Chris Reeve, Strider, and custom handmade knives allows us to be more knowledgeable and maintain a greater variety of inventory of these fine makers.

We feel that both William Henry, Chris Reeve, and Strider embody the definition of quality in design and manufacture of a production knife.  Whether the beauty and collectibility of a William Henry limited edition, the hard use functionality of a Chris Reeve fixed blade or sebenza, or the ultimate law enforcement or military blade from Strider, we feel that these three companies satisfy many of the use and collectible needs of our clients.  Our growing inventory of custom handmade knives has expanded the range of investment and use to an unlimited potential and will allow us to deliver the best of the best from many wonderful artists.

We are interested in sales, trade, and purchase of these quality knives and are continually investing in order to expand our already extensive stock of William Henry, Chris Reeve, Strider, and handmade custom knives.

Please call us with your needs for sale or purchase of William Henry, Chris Reeve, Strider, and custom handmade knives. We look forward to working with you, whether for your everyday use, or your long term investment, we know that you will be satisfied.

Reasons to purchase from a specialized William Henry, Chris Reeve and Strider dealer:

  - Concentrating on fewer companies allows us to
    keep a broader inventory

  - We can maintain lists of your specific needs and
    contact you with our findings

  - Personalized service with competitive pricing

  - Free shipping within the continental U.S. for all knife

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